BioMagnetic Wool Pillow Covers

BioMagnetic Wool Pillow Covers

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The deep woollen pile on our top-of-the-range pillow protectors creates air pockets, keeping the head and neck warm in winter and cooler in summer. Thick padding ensures the individually sewn magnets simply enhance your sleep, health and wellbeing, night after night.

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100% Australian Wool

Top of the range magnetic underlays, made with 100% Australian wool

Our deluxe wool underlays are the most popular and most luxurious of The Natural bioMagnetic bedding products. Air pockets created by the deep woollen pile keep the body warm in winter and help it stay cool in summer. And thick padding ensures the individually sewn magnets simply enhance your sleep, health and wellbeing, night after night.

We believe the best results occur when you have magnets under your head and neck as well as under your body. It seemed only natural to include them free of charge.


Millions of people already use The Natural bioMagnetic

Apart from waking up feeling invigorated, our magnetic therapy underlays are simply luxurious to sleep on! Well over a million Australians seem to agree. They have chosen The Natural bioMagnetic in place of mattress toppers, mattress protectors or overlays as a great way to both cover their mattress and enhance their lives. This makes us very happy indeed!

When the counter clicked over onto that huge number, we certainly celebrated! Yes, we were pleased with the success. But it was also more than that. We were delighted that almost 2 million people had chosen not just comfort, but improved health and wellbeing. (Wondering why we say 2 million people? Our most popular underlay, which some call overlays or mattress toppers, is Queen size, so we reckon we can safely say 2 million sleep on them!)


Enhance your vitality and wellbeing

The Natural bioMagnetic underlays are all about increasing your level of wellbeing. While we sleep, our bodies recharge and repair themselves. Our immune system works on removing toxins, dead cells and so on. And our body stores up energy for the next day. So it makes sense to help boost its efforts with Static Magnetic Fields (SMF) like those created by The Natural BioMagnetic sleep systems.

And the beauty of The Natural bioMagnetic is that it’s a one-off cost that lasts for years. What’s more, you don’t have to take it internally, make appointments in order to achieve its potential benefits or travel to obtain it. You simply go to bed!