Magnetic Therapy

Our Bodies Are an Integrated System

Each ‘component’ relies on the integrity of the rest, and if circulation and the flow of energy is poor throughout your body, then it follows naturally that your health is going to be poor as well. In short, poor circulation creates imbalance and will restrict and affect the harmony of your health, energy and inner balance. 

Throughout history the practice of medicine and rehabilitation from all around the world makes reference to physicians and trusted medical advisors using what is now known as BioMagnetic Therapy. Static Magnetic Field or Magnet Therapy that they may or may not have known the science behind how it worked, however it seems clear that they believed in it's ability to help....

...and now finally the science behind BioMagnetic Therapy is starting to catch up with the results people all over the globe have been getting for years! 

“My own experiences had convinced me of the vital role magnetic energy plays in health and rejuvenation. My research uncovered hard science to back it up; the revelation that every living thing, even the smallest of atoms, is affected by a magnetic field.”

Craig Trinder


Magnetic Therapy can help to achieve pain relief for everything from arthritis, bad backs, knee pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines, the aches and pains of old age, tennis elbow, even autoimmune disorders like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, scleroderma and MS.


Acupuncture & Magnets

Acupuncturists have used magnets and static magnetic field therapy for centuries as a natural, non-invasive way to gently stimulate certain acupoints. Static Magnetic Fields (SMF), like those generated by the magnets in The Natural Balance, are regularly used in the practice of acupuncture. Static magnets are applied to acupuncture points in place of, or in addition to, needles - especially by practitioners of Japanese-style acupuncture.

The greatest potential of SMF Therapy is delivered when magnets are placed on trigger points, or acupoints. These points are considered a possible ‘door’ that secures the effective entrance of the magnetic field into the painful areas.

In treating minor aches and pain, relevant acupoints contributing to the patient's symptoms can be identified. It’s interesting to note that the acupoints may be some distance from where you perceive the pain and, therefore, they may not always be easily identified. However, if these trigger points are detected and successfully targeted by Magnet Therapy, the pain may be relieved and balance restored.


Meridians and Acupoints

The fourteen meridians directly associated with certain organs and bodily functions, have been known to us since the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di, wrote the classic of internal medicine, the Nei Jing, over 2,000 years ago. This epic book led to the development - over thousands of years - to what we now know as acupuncture; the art of maintaining balance between the flow of energy through the meridians and our organs. To put it simply, meridians are like highways on a map. The acupoints are like roadside stops. They interconnect deep within the body, but have a pathway accessible from as many as 500 small areas of the skin's surface, known as acupuncture points, or acupoints.

What is encouraging, in the context of self-administered stimulation of acupressure points by magnetic fields, is the fact that many acupuncturists come to rely on a few basic broad-spectrum points as treatments for many common ailments.

Magnets have been placed on the body’s acupoints, including the ear, the hands and the feet. All three are considered Microsystems of the body. In fact, some studies suggest that when you stimulate particular points on the body, hand and ear together, you may achieve more beneficial results.

Our body is constantly renewing itself with more than a million new cells created every second.

All the cells making up our tissues and organs are influenced by electromagnetic currents and signals, which send information through the nervous system at a rate of 300 kms plus per hour.

We are affected by both the localised magnetic fields within our bodies and by their interaction with the daily cycle of the earth’s magnetic fields. In addition to this natural environmental process, we are also being constantly bombarded with an excess of radiation from our TV, radio, radar, mobile phones, power lines and household appliances, to name but a few sources. This bombardment of energy is incompatible with our body’s biomagnetic rhythms. As a result, our body’s receiver sensors’ have become disorientated and unbalanced.