The Natural Balance

+ How strong are the magnets used in The Natural Balance?

The magnets you'll find in this wellness kit are 2,000 gauss (the unit of measurement for magnetic power), which means they will impact even if it’s not exactly on the point an acupuncturist would put a needle.

+ Is it easy to use?

Absolutely. That’s the whole idea behind The Natural Balance wellness kit. Just follow the instructions, complete with carefully done pictures and it’ll be simple enough for anyone to use effectively - not only on the appropriate primary body points, but also on points within the microsystems of the ear and the hand.

+ I’m allergic to metals against my skin. Can I use it?

Those who have sensitive skin don't need to worry that their skin will be irritated by the metal of the magnets. We spent a lot of time sourcing magnets that are properly covered with 24-carat gold, so everyone should be able to wear them for a while without having to worry about the irritation sometimes caused by less pure metals and alloys. If you do find you have a problem, simply put a plaster between the magnet and your skin. It will still work just as well.

+ Do I need to learn about acupuncture before I start?

Not at all. Those who wish to jump right in and get started right away can go straight to the page that tells you where to position The Natural Balance magnets for your specific ailment. However, before you do that, please make sure you read pages 20 and 21 of your User Guide to get Handy Hints and know where magnets may be contra-indicated. If the area with which you’d like help isn’t mentioned, please just email us (link to Contact Us). We have heaps more information and would love to help.

+ How does The Natural Balance work?

Static magnets are applied to acupuncture points (also called trigger points or acupoints) in place of, or in addition to, needles - especially by practitioners of Japanese-style acupuncture.1 These points are considered a possible 'door' that secures the effective entrance of the magnetic field into the painful areas. To put it simply, meridians are like highways on a map. The acupoints are like roadside stops. They interconnect deep within the body, but have a pathway accessible from as many as 500 small areas of the skin's surface, known as acupuncture points, or acupoints.3 What is encouraging, in the context of self-administered stimulation of acupoints by magnets like you’ll find in The Natural Balance, is the fact that many acupuncturists come to rely on a few basic broad-spectrum points as treatments for many common ailments. Although the easiest way is to simply put magnets around the sore point, bear in mind that referred pain can often occur. That’s why we suggest the use of specific acupoints that may be some distance from where you perceive the pain. That’s where the User Guide comes in. We touch upon the most common conditions and offer both written and visual cues for placement. There is much more that could be said about meridians, acupoints and magnets, but not everyone wants to know about the science behind things. If you are someone who does and would like to know more, simply go to our Contact Us page and request more information. We have a lot more to say that you might find helpful!

+ When can I apply The Natural Balance magnets?

That’s a good question. This is an easy do-it-yourself kit you keep in your cupboard at home or work for use whenever and wherever you need it!

+ What about just making an appointment with an acupuncturist?

Consider the cost savings, the time saved, the faster results and the simplicity of not having to leave home to receive the benefits. No waiting rooms or appointments required. You are able to stimulate the necessary acupoints for days, not minutes, as you're not limited to the session time. As the plasters stay on while you carry on with your normal life - day and night - you will be stimulating the acupoint at the time when you are most likely to derive the maximum benefit, according to the Chinese Clock.

+ Acupoints of the ear. Why do you recommend this?

The term 'reflexology' is common in the West these days. However, the same can't be said of auricular acupuncture - that is, acupuncture applied to the pinna (or as it is more commonly known, the outer ear). This is despite the fact that the auricular system was reputed to have been used regularly by the ancient Egyptians. Like the foot, the ear is a blueprint or Microsystem of the body. In fact, it's been dubbed 'little man' by some, because all the organs and structures of the body are represented on this little flap of skin.6 As such, it has become one of the more widely used Microsystems, thanks in large part to a Dr Paul Nogier who began refining and developing this technique in the early 1950's. With The Natural Balance, we suggest using an ear point in conjunction with your body point, as we believe this may help make your Static Magnetic Field Therapy even more effective - especially if you combine this with the application of more of our magnets to appropriate acupoints on a second microsystem, like that of the hand.

+ Acupoints of the hand. Why do you recommend this also?

As we say above, they make the therapy even more effective. So, the second microsystem we suggest you use, along with the body and ear, is that of the hand. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is considered to have a close relationship with the body's internal organs.8 In fact, like with the ear, it is said to contain the entire acupuncture meridian energy system, but in miniature. As with foot reflexology, it has long been considered possible to use the hand to help treat a specific ailment or simply to improve health and vitality.9 Possibly the most researched and, therefore, used system is the one 'created' by Dr Tae-Woo Yoo from Korea.10 Like us, he believes that prevention is better than cure. This may be why, as with The Natural Balance, his method focuses on self-administering.

+ Who shouldn't use magnet therapy?

Let's return briefly to the application of basic common sense: The first thing you should always do is apply basic first aid where appropriate. In other words, be sensible. Always consider the suitability of SMF Therapy to help treat your pain or ailment, as well as your objectives. Not for a moment am I suggesting this is some sort of magic panacea. It should never be relied upon in isolation, especially not in the presence of serious illness. So, please consult your doctor if your pain persists and in the case of more serious pain and ailments. There are also a number of ailments and circumstances where the use of magnets may be contraindicated.

  • Pregnant women. Consult your doctor before using SMF Therapy.
  • Pacemakers, insulin pumps or other critical or implanted electronic devices. Consult your doctor before using SMF Therapy.
  • Bleeding wounds. Magnets may affect the peripheral circulation, so wait until a wound stops bleeding before using The Natural Balance. If you are using anticoagulants or suffer from any condition like polycythoemia, consult your doctor before use.
  • Small children. Please keep the small magnets out of their reach. Static Magnetic Field Therapy comes into its own as an adjunctive therapy and works best in combination with other healing modalities. I say again: The Natural Balance is a supportive therapy and is not intended for the treatment of more serious pain and ailments. Nor does it supplant personal treatment by a skilled medical practitioner or a trained traditional acupuncturist.

+ What tips do you recommend to get the most out of the balance acupressure kit?

Here are some pointers that will help ensure that you get the most out of The Natural Balance.

  • Making sure the area is clean and dry will help keep the magnet on for a considerably longer period of time.
  • Use the bigger magnet on body points and the smaller on the ear and hands.
  • If your ear starts to hurt after sleeping on it at night, change it to the opposite ear until it settles down.
  • If your ailment is something simple, like a sore knee from playing sports, simply surround the sore area with magnets placed about two finger-widths apart. In some instances, there may be a meridian point that could help, too. As a result, always look to see if your ailment is listed in our index. If it isn't, contact us and we will see what we can do to help.
  • You will find an illustration and guidance on how to place your magnets in the User Guide that comes with The Natural Balance. However, if you have ever been to a good, traditional acupuncturist, you will know they often feel around the point to find the best location before inserting the needle. This is because the points can 'move around' a bit. Use the rounded edge of the tweezers (also in the wellness kit) to help you locate this point a bit more precisely, if you wish.
  • If you feel an increase in pain intensity (a rare occurrence), take the magnet off and reapply it when the pain subsides. You may also like to discuss this with your doctor.

+ How long can I leave the magnets on my body?

A general rule, we suggest you take your magnets off after 5 days. Longer than that may overstimulate the point. Also, after continual stimulation the points can become accustomed to the stimulus. Consequently, it's best to leave them free of stimulation for between 4 - 7 days. If the area is still sore after that rest period, reapply them.

+ Can I keep using the gold-plated magnets after one treatment?

The Natural Balance magnets can be used over and over again. When you remove a plaster from your skin, simply take the magnet off it and return it to your acupoint kit. You can either place it into the centre of one of the other plasters so that it's ready for use next time you need it. Or you can simply drop it onto the lid. Being metal, it will stick there.

+ Are The Natural Balance magnets easy to reload onto the next sticker or patch?

There's no need to struggle to find the edge of the plasters. We've made it easy for you with purpose-built cuts. Hold the plaster disc so the plasters are on the side facing away from you. Select the plaster you want to take off, bend the backing paper at the cut and start peeling it away. The same goes for removing the centre dot. Bend the paper at the point where the straight cut line meets the dot cut and it will be easy to peel the backing paper off.

+ How do I know which side of the magnet should be against my skin?

Whenever you place the magnet onto one of the spare plasters, remember to place it so that the ‘N’ is face down on the plaster. That means that you will be able to see the it when you place the plaster onto your skin. This is important because it means you will have the right polarity touching your skin.

+ How long will the plaster stay on my skin?

A great deal of research has gone into providing medical grade plasters that achieve the best balance between ease of use and length of sticking time. On most people, they should remain on the body for between 2 - 4 days, if they're put onto clean, dry skin. However, in areas that are excessively oily or move frequently (like the elbow, knee, wrist and neck) you may need to replace them more often. Further, those who exercise regularly, or live in an area that causes you to sweat a lot, may have to replace the plasters more often.

+ What if the 24k gold magnets still react with my skin?

We have coated The Natural Balance magnets in pure 24-carat gold to help those with sensitive skin. If, despite our best efforts, you still find your skin reacting to the magnets, we suggest you place one of our spare plasters directly onto your skin and, then, place the magnet attached to a second plaster over that. Remember, if at any time you feel like you need some extra help or some more explicit guidance just contact us asking for more information. We are constantly compiling more helpful information and, even, step-by-step movies showing you how to position The Natural Balance magnets. There may also be useful information from other users. So go to our Facebook page and ask the question you have. We love talking with our users.

+ Do I have to place The Natural Balance exactly in the right position?

We have coated The Natural Balance magnets in pure 24-carat gold to help those with sensitive skin. If, despite our best efforts, you still find your skin reacting to the magnets, we suggest you place one of our spare plasters directly onto your skin and, then, place the magnet attached to a second plaster over that. Remember, if at any time you feel like you need some extra help or some more explicit guidance just contact us asking for more information. We are constantly compiling more helpful information and, even, step-by-step movies showing you how to position The Natural Balance magnets. There may also be useful information from other users. So go to our Facebook page and ask the question you have. We love talking with our users.


The BioMagnentic Underlays

+ Can The Natural bioMagnetic be used in conjunction with an electric blanket or a memory foam topper?

Yes, it can. We advise that you place the electric blanket or mattress topper underneath the underlay. In a way, it’s like receiving a gentle massage, working on every part of your body, night after night. And the beauty of it is it’s a one-off cost that lasts for years, you don’t have to take internally, make appointments or travel to obtain. You simply go to bed!

+ How do I clean my underlay?

Because the magnets in all of the The Natural bioMagnetic sleep systems are individually sewn in (not stuck in with glue), the underlays and pillow protectors are fully machine washable AND dry cleanable.

+ Do I have to plug your magnetic underlay in?

No. All magnetic underlays from The Natural bioMagnetic contain permanent, natural magnets strategically placed throughout. Simply place your underlay onto your bed. The therapeutic potential is ready whenever you lie down and may help with increased vitality and wellbeing, as well as temporary pain relief.

+ I am taking 'xyz' medication. Will The Natural bioMagnetic affect it?

No it won’t. The Natural bioMagnetic is based on natural laws and it has shown it to be totally compatible with all pharmaceutical products.

+ What if I have stainless steel pins or plates in my body?

That’s not a problem. The Natural bioMagnetic should have no effect on them.

+ How many magnets are there in The Natural bioMagnetic?

Our underlays contain up to 334 therapeutic magnets. Equally as important is the quality and gauss rating (strength). The Natural bioMagnetic uses magnets of up to 1,000 gauss. Here is an exact count for each of the underlays.

  • Single - 149
  • King Single - 160
  • Double - 257
  • Queen - 305
  • King - 330
  • Pillow Protectors - 40

+ Which magnetic underlay from The Natural bioMagnetic is best for me?

The Deluxe Wool is the most popular and the most luxurious of The Natural BioMagnetic’s underlays. Its thick, pure Wool is perfect for every season! Our Naturally Pure Cotton is thickly quilted for superior comfort and is as premium a product as the Wool version. Both contain the same amount of magnets (unlike some other brands that lower the magnet count in non-wool versions) and contains the same therapeutic potential. The choice, therefore, is entirely personal. Both versions also have fitted skirts designed to fit comfortably over even the deepest mattress.

+ Can one use a magnetic underlay all the time or only when one is in pain?

The Natural bioMagnetic restorative underlays are all about increasing your level of wellbeing. While we sleep, our bodies recharge and repair themselves. Our immune system works on removing toxins, dead cells and so on. And our body stores up energy for the next day. So it makes sense to help boost its efforts with The Natural bioMagnetic.

+ How long will the magnets last?

Be confident that you’ll get many years of use from The Natural bioMagnetic underlays. The fabric containing the magnets will wear out before the magnets stop working! In fact, all our magnets have a lifetime guarantee and I’d suggest you may well experience the benefits of the powerful therapeutic magnets for years to come.

+ Can anyone use The Natural bioMagnetic underlay?

If you use a pacemaker, insulin pump, defibrillator or some other critical or implanted electronic device, or you are pregnant, please consult your medical practitioner before using magnetic products.

+ Is it important to use the The Natural bioMagnetic Pillow Protector as well?

Yes, it is. We believe that in order to experience Total Body Wellbeing you should have magnets under your head and neck as well. Like our underlays, The Natural bioMagnetic Pillow Protectors may help with maintaining peripheral circulation and assist with temporary reduction in pain. In an Anecdotal Client Survey done on over 9,000 clients, the success rate was excellent. It was based on our underlays and pillow protectors being used in conjunction with one another.

+ Are all magnetic underlays created equal?

No they are not... which is probably why we get three or four calls a week from people who have bought other magnetic underlays or pillow protects online and are disappointed with what arrived. The difference in quality between different brands can sometimes be pronounced. So, before you buy, ask questions:

  • Do they offer a Money-Back Warranty? I was the first company to offer this peace-of-mind warranty and, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only retail brand that still does this.
  • Are their magnets individually sewn in? Those in The Natural BioMagnetic are.
  • Does their underlay have a fitted skirt that is big enough to fit snugly over even the deepest mattress? The Natural BioMagnetic does.
  • Do they have a pillow pad or a pillow protector? The Natural BioMagnetic is a pillow protector that fits easily over most pillows, including the contour.
  • Do they offer a choice of pure wool and natural cotton? The Natural BioMagnetic does AND, more importantly, the offer the same therapeutic potential because they contain the same amount of therapeutic magnets.

+ What size underlay is right for my bed?

Because the quality of The Natural bioMagnetic is recognised internationally, we've made it as easy as possible for you to get the right size for your bed, no matter where you live in the world. You'll find a tab that contains a chart of international mattress / bed sizes on both cotton and wool underlays, with all sizes. This link will take you to our most popular therapeutic underlay (same thing as an overlay in the UK), the Queen wool.



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+ Calculating delivery costs

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