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The Natural Group brings you the Evolution of Acupuncture!

24 Carat Gold Plated BioMagnets For Sensitive Skin Types
Offering clinically tested and proven results over a wide range of ailments.

High Strength and High Quality BioMagnets Purposely Designed to Remove Muscle and Joint Pain
Proven effectiveness against muscle fatigue and improving recovery time.

Professional Storage Case with Easy-to-follow User Guide
So simple, yet so effective, and best of all... anyone can do it.

No Appointment Necessary
The perfect alternative to expensive and recurring therapies... and results are GUARANTEED!

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The Premiere BioMagnetic Product.

100% Australian wool

Health benefits PLUS it keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter!

Individually Sewn Magnets

Up to 64% more high quality BioMagnets than most brands.

Trouble Sleeping?

Stimulating circulation helps you get a great nights' rest every night.


"A total of 94% of users had results within an eight week period"

Australia's #1 Selling Magnetic Underlay with over 2 Million users. Our product is approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, and is the first Australian health-support company to introduce a Money-Back Guarantee on Therapeutic Goods.

The Natural Group 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
     Approved By The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration

     Approved By The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration


"We've helped more people than we ever thought we could..."