Magnetic therapy products for natural health and well-being.
  • Gain vitality and well-being with The Natural Group
  • Gain vitality and well-being with The Natural Group
  • Craig Trinder, founder of The Natural Group, tells his own story about pain.

Premium Quality Natural Magnetic therapy products.

Get help with pain relief. Support health & vitality. The Natural way.

The Natural Group is dedicated to promoting well‑being and vitality of life. We do this by continually identifying the very best and most effective, proven ancient natural remedies and improving their efficacy, wherever possible, with modern technology. The end result is a team of products, The Natural BioMagnetic bedding range (mattress overlay and pillow protectors), The Natural Balance acupoint kit.

"Using them individually has helped me with pain and day-too-day wellbeing. Using them together, which is what I do myself, offers even greater potential to help with pain and support better health. I hope you gain as much benefit from my range of natural therapies as I have."   Craig Trinder, creator of the original BioMagnetic underlay and founder of The Natural Group.

When you’re at the top,
down is a long way to fall.

The Natural Group founder, Craig Trinder, went from grand prix-winning motorcycle racing champion to pain-wracked injury in a heartbeat.
He came off his bike, crashed through a barrier at 200 km per hour and landed in Intensive Care with massive spinal trauma. The doctors thought he may never walk again. He did walk. And his first steps were down a life-changing path.
Read Craig's story here, or watch the video here.

Craig Trinder Story

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