In search of the perfect combination.


We are all know the old saying, “Success has many fathers but failure is always an orphan”. Well, there is a certain human truth in this old kernel that is relevant to personal health management and, particularly, to natural and alternative therapies. The key to your wellbeing, vitality and vigour may not be just one natural therapy, but the perfect combination of a few complimentary ones.

That’s why they call it complimentary medicine.

Think of iconic boxing champions. A one-punch wonder does not make a champion. Perfectly executed combinations are what win the day every time.

Orthodox western medicine uses precisely this approach. Your doctor may give you an analgesic to ease the discomfort of tonsillitis, while prescribing an antibiotic to exterminate the bacteria at the root of the infection. This approach is even more important in the context of natural therapies and traditional medicine. 

I have already mentioned, in a separate blog, that many acupuncture practitioners enthusiastically endorse the application of therapeutic magnets to acupoints and may even recommend where their patients can source appropriate strength hypoallergenic magnets.

Why? Aren’t they afraid of putting themselves out of a job? Absolutely not. Lack of results is what will put them out of a job. Their success depends upon the efficacy of their therapy. Extending the time that therapy is applied, leads to better results. Better results leads to happier patients. Happier patients make for a healthier business. Simple. Combinations work.

Stop trying to be a one-punch wonder and start working on your combinations today.

  • Look for something that is broadly supportive, something that bolsters your entire system. 
  • Then find a way to target the area causing you discomfort more specifically and more accurately. 
  • Finally, remember to take care of yourself from the inside. The right nutritional supplements and herbal remedies provide a strong foundation.

1. Go to the body.

Give yourself the benefit of eight hours of all over magnet therapy every night while you sleep. A high quality underlay and pillow protector will go a long way towards helping you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. Go for the weak spot.

Join the millions of people around the world who use therapeutic magnets on a daily basis to address a multitude of conditions. If your elbow plays up despite sleeping on a magnetic underlay, get your hands on some 2,000 gauss, 24-carat gold-plated magnets and apply them directly to the sore spot. (It doesn’t hurt that they look pretty cool too.)

3. Get inside.

When someone said to Aussie Rugby icon Chris ‘Buddha’ Handley, “You are what you eat,” he famously quipped, “Funny, I don’t remember eating a short fat guy with glasses.” Jokes aside, a well-balanced herbal supplement can do you the power of good and provide a great foundation for your other therapies.

Brett Noordink