Real Stories from The Natural Group: Ken, June, Michael & Michelle. 

In 2010, Craig Trinder, Founder of The Natural Group Invited 50 sufferers of long term chronic pain to take part in a unique "experiment."  

Given a combination BioMagnetic therapies each person was asked to see what difference, if any, they'd experienced after a month.

These are just some of there stories.


Real Stories from The Natural Group: Brian Amy and Roy.

In 2010, Craig Trinder, Invited 50 Australians with pain issues to take part in a unique "experiment." 

None of them knew what the product was, just that it was a combination of natural therapies. They we're asked to see what difference, if any, they had experienced.

These are just some of their stories.

Real Stories from The Natural Group: Tracey, Darren and Lorraine.  

In 2010, 50 Australians with pain issues volunteered to take part in a unique experiment devised by Craig Trinder. Founder of the Natural Group.

Given a combination of magnetic therapies they had never used before, each person was asked to record what difference, if any, they had experienced.

These are just some of their stories.

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"I've literally got boxes overflowing with thousands of hand written letters, and thousands of emails from customers who are ecstatic with the results they've received with 'The Natural BioMagnetic Range' of products." 

"It's truly a privilege for me, and my entire team to know how many people we've helped over the years. People who are now living healthy, pain free lives..."

"If you're living with a sleeping disorder, or you're living with pain, or a persistent ailment of any kind... Please remember that you don't have to!"

"I've invested most of my adult life into finding a natural, drug free alternative to pharmaceutical pain relief after breaking my back in a motorcycle accident during a professional 500 cc motorcycle race. Afterwards, during a painstaking recovery, I'd try to get through each day with pain-killers that were doing more harm than good." 


"Based on the amazing results I've had over twenty years of product refinement, and ongoing case studies and trials with all types of conditions, I'm paying it forward and giving everyone nothing to lose by trying 'The Natural Group's' BioMagnetic Underlays and BALANCE Kits with a Full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!" 

"To ensure you are 100% risk free I'll also ship all products to anywhere in Australia, absolutely free of charge!"

"Our friendly team of Information Support Staff are ready to take your call should you have any questions." 

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Craig Trinder

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Below are a handful of the thousands of hand written letters that we've received over the years. There really was no point to even try picking favorites as they're all truly inspiring.

"Hello my name is Peter Whiteway, 

After a 2 meter fall at work in 1987, I've been suffering from intense Sciatic Leg Pain in both legs from my lower spine to my toes/ During fifteen months of treatment, I've been in and out of hospital with little success, the worst being a 'Triple Lumber Puncture Injection', after being told by one of my brothers that he had heard of a 'BioMagnetic Underlay' which may help my pain and possibly reduce the intensity of it. I had nothing to lose!

After a month of using the underlay, a change had gradually started, both in my back and in my legs. I can honestly say that it's 'AMAZING!'. The amount of energy that has returned, the amount of pain intensity that is down by 30-40% and to me, it's just like a holiday.

One last thing, being in pain doesn't mean taking drugs anymore for me. The truth is I'd rather use my bed than pop a pill.

It works, try it!"

- P. Whiteway

"To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and share with you what I have experienced since sleeping on the magnetic underlay. Having suffered arthritic pain for many years, I am at last having pain free sleeps.

Asthma has also been a concern and I now find my breathing pattern has become more relaxed and this too has helped me to enjoy a sound nights sleep. I have not hesitated to recommend its use to family and friends as my general health and well being has finally improved remarkably."

- B. Danger

"Dear Craig,

For over 20 years I have suffered backache in varying degrees. This was supposedly caused by degeneration of the vertabrae, due to arthritis and age. This meant many trips to the chiropractor.

Early in July, I bought one of your Bio Magnetic kits. I firmly believed that it would be useless; but as there was the 30-day-money-back guarantee, I decided to give it a try. After less than a week, I realised that my backache had gone. It has not returned. "

- F. Smith

"To Craig,

Just a note to say thanks for your recent kindness. We are very appreciative.

We have been using your products with my son Daniel for about 2 weeks now, and I feel he has a bit more energy, a bit less pain and definitely a lot brighter awakening in the mornings. I am very confident your products will make a big impact on Daniel's health in the future.

We will keep in touch and let you know when we see more changes happening. I have enclosed a photo of Daniel. You can see for yourself how he looks. You never know, one day you might even meet each other.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts."

- P. Lee and D. Lee

"To whom it may concern,

I actually purchased the Therapy Underlay & Pillow Pads mainly for my husband who has had a hip replacement, two knee replacements and a neck fusion all caused through arthritis. He says it's the best things I've ever bought!!

He experienced relief almost straight away. If ever we go away, we pack them up and take them with us. We both feel they have helped us.

Thank you."

- J. Constable

Dear sir,

Thank you for my Magnetic deluxe underlay. The underlay is so luxurious and cosy and one doesn't want to get out of bed.

Before I had it, I'd wake in the mornings and hobbled slowly down to the kitchen, because of stiff aching legs. But now even my husband can't believe it. I hop out of bed, and off I go - no aches and pains.

It took me two years to save the money for it, but believe me, money well spent. No more lotions or tablets. I'm now starting to save again to go and get one for my husband as he admits he envies me.

Once again, a million thanks. Your's gratefully. A 76 year old pensioner. "

- J. Retallack

"Bio Magnetic Therapy has changed my life. It's a miracle.

"Bio Magnetic Therapy has changed my life. It's a miracle. I just wished I'd read about it sooner. The first night I slept on it and it felt like tingling all over. I have not slept better since. I rarely take my vent puffer.

My husband and I have just laid floor tiles in our house (130m2) which took 3 weeks. Every night we had aching backs and knees, but we would wake every morning feeling brand new. It's wonderful. I can't praise Bio enough. I tell everyone I meet.

My inlaws have just purchased one for themselves and one for my grandmother, and I'm sure it will help them as much as it's helped me and my husband. I also purchased a single for my 12 year old son as he was sneezing every morning and using about 30 tissues before school. Now it's lucky if he uses one tissue (a day) and he hasn't complained of aches and pains anymore.

Thank you Bio! "

- S. Antenucci


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