90-Day Money Back Warranty

Total Body Wellbeing

In order to experience Total Body Wellbeing, you should have magnets under your head and neck as well. In an Anecdotal Client Survey conducted on over 9,000 clients from June 1998 to June 1999 (10,000 clients were asked to participate and 9,379 responded), the positive feedback was excellent. It was based on The Natural bioMagnetic Underlay and Pillow Protector being used together.

The Natural Group’s 90-Day Money-Back Policy is offered on joint use of The Natural bioMagnetic Underlay and Pillow Protectors. If you are not satisfied with the level of effectiveness of the Total Body Wellbeing package after 90 days of continuous use - in accordance with the instructions detailed in the Total Body Wellbeing section terms below – you may be eligible to return them for refund. 

Our offer to refund the purchase price of the underlay is limited and is subject to the following conditions. Read these conditions carefully BEFORE using the Magnetic Underlay and Magnetic Pillow Protectors.

As far as this policy is concerned, the term “Total Body Wellbeing” means The Natural bioMagnetic Underlay and The Natural bioMagnetic Pillow Protectors were purchased concurrently and used in conjunction with each other. As we currently offer them free with our underlays, this is easily achieved.

Terms and Conditions

The Money-Back Policy is subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. The Total Body Wellbeing package must be:

(a) purchased and used concurrently; and

(b) used continuously in accordance with the instructions provided within the Total Body Wellbeing section for the 90-day period commencing on the date of the purchase receipt or, in the case of online orders, from the date of receipt that is confirmed by the signature required for delivery.

2. A client who wishes to return the Total Body Wellbeing package must do so by:

(a) telephoning The Natural Group on +61 7 5500 8777 within 10 days of the completion of the 90-day trial period; and

(b) obtaining a Return Confirmation Number.

3. Upon receipt of the Return Confirmation Number, a client must forward (at the client’s own expense) all the following - by registered mail or courier:

(a) The Total Body Wellbeing package (magnetic underlay and magnetic pillow protector/s); 

(b) Any FREE products included with goods at the time of purchase;

(c) Name;

(d) Address;

(e) Return Confirmation Number; and

(f) Original receipt of purchase (a photocopy of the original receipt of purchase is not acceptable) to the following address: PO Box 364, Arundel DC Qld 4214.

4. Upon receipt of all of the items listed in clause 3, The Natural Group will forward to the client a refund in accordance with the amount attributable to the Total Body Wellbeing package appearing on the original receipt of purchase, less an administration & handling fee of $29.95, GST inclusive.

5. Refund payments will be made by cheque only and will be processed 30 days after receipt of all the items listed in clause 3 by The Natural Group.

6. Any FREE products not returned with the purchased products intended for refund, will be deducted from the refunded amount at either the recommended retail prices or the full online prices per item, whichever is more applicable to the original purchase.

7. If you do not understand the limits of the Money-Back Policy set out in this document, please contact 07 5500 8777 prior to using the Total Body Wellbeing package.

8. Nothing in this policy limits the Client’s rights under the terms of the Trade Practices Act 1974 or under relevant consumer sales of goods legislation.

If you want to return your Underlay and/or Pillow Protector/s in order to obtain a refund, please contact The Natural Group directly. The store you bought it from won’t give you your money back because this is a promise made by us to you. Look at it as your ‘insurance policy’ - given to you because we are so positive about the potential of our product.